About DH GEDA Dyeing and Bleaching

Establishment of the factory
Located in Dukem, some 40km east of Addis Ababa, the acrylic dyeing and bleaching factory was set up in 2006.  Currently, the factory is operating at full capacity dyeing 8 tonne of acrylic yarn as well as reeling and bleaching 2 tonne of cotton per day with over 250 highly experienced workers.

DH GedaDyeing and Bleaching Factory Ethiopia
Above : DH Geda's Cotton & Acrylic Yarn Dyeing and Bleaching Factory, Ethiopia

Brief highlight of the factory
Acrylic yarns are sourced from authentic sources around the world to assure superior quality. On the contrary, cotton is sourced from local companies with reputable track record. Over the years the factory has been successfully engaged in the dyeing of quality acrylics and bleaching of pure cotton. 
At DH Geda Dyeing and Bleaching Factory, the manufacturing process is fully monitored by a team of quality inspectors who ensure that each product is on par with international quality standards. Keeping in mind various factors such as fiber diameter, twist, and count, all raw materials are sorted out into different grades before proceeding with dyeing process. We believe in effective team work and complete quality, with the objective of bringing greater customer satisfaction.
The finished products are made available for purchase through its distribution networks. It also plans to open new channels in areas where yarn is high in demand.

Vision statement
DH Geda Dyeing and Bleaching aspires to enlarge its competitiveness by becoming one of the prominent companies in the horn of Africa in dyeing and bleaching different types of yarns.

Mission Statement

  • Maximizing profitability in the course of producing high standard and quality products of reasonable price.
  • Actively contributing and participating in the social and economic activities of the county.
  • Satisfying customers' requirements by supplying quality dyed acrylic yarns and bleached cotton yarns and rendering quality service.

 Factory Values



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